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We build powerful Financial Models for critical business decision makers.

Model Master are Financial Modelling specialists with 20 years experience in developing robust industry-leading Financial Models that help CEOs, Investors and Financial Directors to make critical business decisions.

Financial Projections

We build powerful Financial Projection Models that give users the power to create scenario-driven P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statements.

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Start Up Models

We help Start-Up founders secure funding through creating clear and understandable Funding Models designed for submission to Investors.

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Investment Models

We develop powerful Investment Models that manage complex traded financial instruments such as Futures, Options, Swaps, Bonds, Debt, Equities and FX.

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Funding Models

We help Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Firms to create robust Financial Models to help support decision-making during funding rounds.

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Contract Bid Models

We work with winning Bid Teams to help them understand the cost of delivery so they can calculate competitive bid submissions.

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Pricing Models

We help businesses understand their Cost Base, Margins and Break-even Points so they can price competitively and attain their financial objectives.

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Financial Reporting

We develop Financial Reporting Models that manage complex calculations and processes and enable submission of key financial data to regulators.

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Data Management

We expertly integrate Financial Models with internal and external data sources including Financial Software, Databases and Data Warehouses.

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Excel Automation

We build powerful Excel VBA Applications that automate manual financial tasks to save you and your organisation time, effort and money.

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